Traditional Jewelry Designs Made to Last Forever

Because of their symbolism of eternity, love and fidelity, diamonds are the most popular gemstone choice in jewelry design, particularly for engagement rings, wedding rings and wedding anniversaries. This mineral, comprising of only one element is very costly and its’ acquisition represents a major investment of time and money. Because of the expense, consumers are prompted to carefully choose gemologists who only use diamonds that have met approved certification criteria as set forth by systems such as The Kimberly Process.

With a forward thinking mentality when it comes to designing jewelry and using the latest technology available to extenuate their skills as master goldsmiths some craftsmen are in a league of their own. What results is exquisite pieces of custom made jewelry that have clients lining up to get their own pieces of innovation.

In the production of custom jewelry, intricate workmanship and detailed quality are observed by a few craftsmen doing premier work in custom, estate and designer jewelry.

Glittering varieties of diamond jewelry are also made by diamond jewelry craftsmen to personalize and customize pieces for the buyer. These expert craftsmen are traditional designers that enrich designer fine jewelry with family secrets that have been handed down from generation to generation.

They have been blending age old antiquities with modern art in the creation of diamond, gold and platinum jewelry customized for the purchasers. A few also specialize in appraisals and estate liquidation.

Designer fine jewelry, made by fine jewelry designers and custom jewelry designers reflect exceptional artistry. They are masters in their own field and can create a fantastic work of art that is custom designed for the buyer. Most are made exquisitely with the combination of old world craftsmanship and modern ones. Because of their exceptional expertise, these craftsmen are able to design spectacular pieces of jewelry that are handed down for generations.

Intricately designed Mezuzahs are being hand crafted in some exclusive shops in sterling silver with bronze and/or gold details.