The Lure Of Chocolate Diamond Jewelry

Diamonds have been sought after for years and they likely will be well into the future. Not only are they loved for their radiant beauty but for their strength and timelessness. But now there are some other gems creating competition with this traditional sparkling beauty. They are gems of the same family, only they are a slight variation. They are known as colored diamonds or fancy color diamonds.

How These Colored Diamonds Are Created

These colored diamonds are actually formed with color, compliments of mother nature. Specific conditions that exist, for example the presence of radiation and specific elements, can create color in a diamond as it forms. Different elements and conditions create different colors, some much more rare than others.

Brown diamonds, often more enticingly called chocolate diamonds, are one of the more common colors that are produced naturally. While this makes them less rare it also makes them more affordable. If you are looking to buy a blue diamond be prepared to spend several thousand dollars depending on the quality of the diamond (cut, clarity, color and carat). On the other hand you can find chocolate diamond jewelry for under a thousand dollars, sometimes well under. Once again it depends largely on the size and quality of the chocolate diamond you are buying and some pieces can run a lot more but compared to other natural colored diamond jewelry this will look like a bargain.

However not all chocolate diamonds are natural. Some are man made and some are color enhanced to make lower color diamonds a more desirable color. But even in the world of man made or cultured diamonds brown is a color that is a little easier to produce so once again this makes them more affordable.

Their Rise In Popularity

Whether they are natural or cultured these brown colored gems are definitely stunning. I’ve even seen women who aren’t very interested in jewelry taken in by these earth toned beauties. Something about the earth tones mixed with that sparkle, for which the diamond is famous, really makes these brown diamonds seem special and distinct. Many celebrities have appreciated this also as they have been seen on high-profile stars on the red carpet.

With their tantalizing names like champagne, cognac and chocolate diamonds and their increased visibility as they are seen on stars at premiers and on the red carpet these beautiful gems are rising in popularity. Of course it helps that they are affordable enough for the average person to buy. But beyond all that they also have a classic beauty that works well with a variety of skin tones, hair colors and clothing colors and styles.