Simon G – The Making of a Jewelry Icon

“If you want jewelry that gets stared at, you can’t afford to overlook anything” -Simon G

Simon Ghanimian learned from his parents, as a young boy in Beirut, that if you could build something with your bare hands you would never go hungry. Add that to the values of honest, hard work that they taught and its easy to see how Simon G has become one of the premier jewelry designers and manufacturers in the world.

Simon G jewelry is currently sold in over 900 locations around the world and employs 60 designers and jewelers from around the world. A long journey from where he started in Los Angeles with his wife, Silvia. When Ghanimian first tried to register his business at City Hall the told him his name was too long, and Simon G was born.

When it comes to making fine jewelry the staff at Simon G live by a simple rule, when it comes to making beautiful jewelry, no detail is too small to be ignored.

It all starts with the first sketch, and then followed by dozens of revisions until the design is perfect. From there the design is made into a CAD model so that it can be viewed in 3D and any further refinements added. From drawing to reality, the jewelry design goes through a careful manufacturing process.

Simon alloys his own metals, working in platinum and gold this allows him to have total control of the metal and gives his pieces greater longevity and durability. This control allows him to make rings that are ideal for complicated bead work, filigree and engraving.

From casting the rings head to stone setting. While many jewelers specialize in setting diamonds and gems, Simon G takes this one step further and has his stone setter specialize in a specific style of setting. From micro-set pave, to channel setting and prong setting, each diamond setter is a specialist in his style.

Next come the finish details like beading, milgraining and engraving are all done by hand to make each piece unique with its own character and sharp detail. After all this is done a piece makes one last trip through quality control where it is inspected with a microscope to make sure that the ring you buy is a well made as it can be.

When asked about where he is now Simon says, “I still get my biggest thrill from creating a new piece. Sitting down and sketching out an idea is as magical to me now as it was the very first time I did it.”