Premier Design Jewelry – A Company Review

Premier Design Jewelry was ‘designed’ and created in 1985 by Joan and Andy Homer in Irving, Texas. The company was created to serve ministries throughout the world and to change the financial future of those that seek a faith based approach to working for themselves. So how does this plan work, and how does it work for you?

Premier Design Jewelry carries in stock over 700+ varieties and styles of jewelry for just about any taste. The potential income from PDJ could be found easier than you might think. Who does not like to give their wife, girlfriend, or significant other a little something on the occasion? That is right, nobody. So the potential is huge, especially when you consider the compensation plan.

The best part of this compensation plan is the 50% direct sales commission available for many items. Along with this comes up to 50% off on the pieces you choose for your next party and for yourself. The more I looked into this program, the more I wished my wife was not so shy about hosting jewelry shows, it could have saved me on the Christmas present this year.

Of course that was the downfall for her and many others. Network marketing is the name of the game. You will need to hunt out friends and family, trying to convince them into letting you host a show. This fact could create a bump in your road to success with PDJ. If you are comfortable however with visiting complete strangers in their homes, marketing online could help you immensely. You would probably begin with local ads on Craigslist and any social networks you might be apart of.