Know the Trends of Fashion Jewelry in Order to Sell Them Effectively!

You must have encountered several coffee table books featuring gorgeous jewelries coming from prominent jewelry design houses. But because of the crisis that the global economy is facing today, premier jewelry designers opt to create jewelry pieces that are not so dramatic, since the prices of gold and diamond are already sky high.

Although consumers always prefer dramatic and gargantuan jewelry, the present state of the economy dictates that in order to make these pieces accessible to the general public, one must reduce its size. Because of this, wholesale of fashion jewelry becomes the trend, with designs such as those that were once made only by leading jewelry designers.

It definitely looks like we are already entering the age of fashion jewelry wholesale, although it appears that this entrance is caused by an accident and not a carefully laid-out plan. Because of the economy, even leading jewelry designers find it hard to sell their gold and diamond pieces because of its unreachable prices. As a result, these design houses manufacture minimally. Wholesale jewelry, on the other hand, is thriving, even if they make use of faux pearls and crystals.

Perhaps what is happening to the fashion jewelry industry nowadays is reminiscent of the late 80s to early 90s period, in which sculptured copper and bronze bracelets with intricate leaf work and beautifully encrusted crystals were the trend. One could definitely say that it was the age of high fashion – the time of pear-shaped peals earrings adorned with sparkling Australian crystals, leopard and black epoxy rings with dramatic crystals, and thick chokers with jet crystals and faux pearls.

Certainly, these dramatic jewelry pieces are missed a lot. With our current economic situation, those people in the wholesale fashion jewelry industry must rethink about the succeeding trends in this area. Right now, what’s in are the classic jewelry making use of gemstones and Murano style glass. Even during the winter, people continue wearing freshwater pearls. Although classic jewelry styles dominate the scene, people are always on the lookout for the next fashion jewelry trend. The most likely candidate for this trend is the eco-green.

But then, there came the costs and the consumer dollars, and consumers nowadays want something else with regard to designer jewelry. People wanted to go back to what was the trend two decades ago, and that was wholesale fashion jewelry. Eco-green then seemed to pale in comparison with the wholesale jewelry design two decades ago. Although premier jewelry design houses cannot give these jewelry pieces at an affordable price, fortunately, fashion jewelry can do just that.

Now, the past of fashion jewelry is paving way to its future. People are now looking back to the magnificent jewels in the 40s and 50s, in which bracelets, brooches, and sparkly necklaces were the trends. The golden era of jewelry is now being looked back on, as people remember the pieces made by Juliana, Coro, Dior, Trifari, and Eisenberg, which are now considered to be highly valuable.

Changes in trends are constant, and fashion must be able to captivate the people in order to cause a major trend. It seems to be that classic jewelry is making its way back to the surface, as people are more inclined to go back to gemstone jewelry and Murano style glass. The beauty of fashion jewelry renews the age of glamor, making every wearer of a jewelry piece feel like royalty. It uplifts the spirit of the wearer. An we then say that the next trend will be fashion jewelry’s golden era? Only the future can tell.

Premier Design Jewelry – A Company Review

Premier Design Jewelry was ‘designed’ and created in 1985 by Joan and Andy Homer in Irving, Texas. The company was created to serve ministries throughout the world and to change the financial future of those that seek a faith based approach to working for themselves. So how does this plan work, and how does it work for you?

Premier Design Jewelry carries in stock over 700+ varieties and styles of jewelry for just about any taste. The potential income from PDJ could be found easier than you might think. Who does not like to give their wife, girlfriend, or significant other a little something on the occasion? That is right, nobody. So the potential is huge, especially when you consider the compensation plan.

The best part of this compensation plan is the 50% direct sales commission available for many items. Along with this comes up to 50% off on the pieces you choose for your next party and for yourself. The more I looked into this program, the more I wished my wife was not so shy about hosting jewelry shows, it could have saved me on the Christmas present this year.

Of course that was the downfall for her and many others. Network marketing is the name of the game. You will need to hunt out friends and family, trying to convince them into letting you host a show. This fact could create a bump in your road to success with PDJ. If you are comfortable however with visiting complete strangers in their homes, marketing online could help you immensely. You would probably begin with local ads on Craigslist and any social networks you might be apart of.

Luxury Jewelry for Everyday Style

When most people think of luxury jewelry, the first thing that comes to their minds is usually diamonds – lots and lots of diamonds. But it is important to remember that while a diamond is a girl’s best friend, there are lots of other stones in her inner circle, including rubies, emeralds, sapphires and garnets.

So, how do you know whether to choose a diamond ring or ruby necklace the next time you’re contemplating the perfect piece to complement your wardrobe? The trick is in deciding whether you want to pull the outfit more completely together or if you are looking to show off. Diamonds are the most obvious choice for showing off, but if you are wearing a business, white pant suit or flowy white dress, a colored stone is more likely to draw attention. You can go with a stunning ruby necklace that sparkles every time you turn your head or a pair of incredible emerald earrings that glisten; either way, eyes will be on you no matter where you go.


Premier Gem’s owner Jeff Nechka’s submission to the AGTA Spectrum Awards this year. These platinum, Pink Spinel and diamond drop earrings with a price tag of $18,000 got him an honorable mention at the awards.

When pulling an outfit together, you will need to choose jewelry that matches the colors you are wearing. A red blouse and white skirt, for example, is begging for ruby earrings or a ruby ring. If you’re wearing an outfit that has an array of colors, you have a lot more freedom in picking jewelry. You can either choose a piece or pieces that match the most prolific color of your attire, or you can elect to go with jewels that will help bring out a background color.

If you are looking to add a touch of luxury to your outfit without overdoing it, diamonds are a classic, feminine touch. Choose a simple but elegant diamond ring in white gold. If you’re already wearing an impressive engagement or wedding ring and don’t want to overshadow it, try a pair of wonderful diamond studs. Of course, you can also combine diamonds and emeralds, for example, for a color combo that will both awe and draw envy.

What do you do if no matter how much you search, you can’t find a piece of jewelry that really makes your look pop? As a woman of high class and sophistication, you never settle. You wouldn’t be where you are now if you did that, right? What you do is create a custom piece. Before you start wrecking your perfect manicure over the fact that you aren’t a jewelry designer, know that you don’t have to be. Visit your favorite custom jeweler, and they will be able to help you construct the ring, necklace or pair of earrings that you’ve always fantasized about. Want a rose gold ring featuring diamonds and your birthstone? Dreaming of a necklace that exudes luxury but can go with every outfit? Whatever you want can be yours, quickly and easily.

Jewelry is a woman’s ultimate accessory. Rings and necklaces never go out of style, and they will certainly last longer than your favorite pair of heels or the scarf you bought on sale last week. They are also the part of your outfit that is sure to draw the most scrutiny. When you meet someone new and their eyes stray to your hands or neck, what do you want them to see? A ring or necklace that you sort of like but aren’t really proud of, or a sparkling, glistening piece of jewelry that is as opulent and magnificent as you are?

A Review of the Azante Jewelry Income Opportunity

There are many people in our society that are what we referred to as “go-getters.” These are people that are not happy with the status quo of working for others in your typical 8-5 job. If you are one of these people then you realize that the only way to really get ahead and secure your financial future is to be your own boss. You should know that there are many opportunities available online that can help you achieve your goal.

One such company is Azante Jewelry. They are an online company that sells unique jewelry. Their jewelry is handcrafted from a several types of high quality materials. Some of the materials incorporated into Azante Jewelry are freshwater pearls and Bali sterling silver. They also have pieces that use Swarovski Australian crystals and semi precious gemstones to name a few.

According to the company some of their best sellers include customized family bracelets, custom created children and adult birthstone bracelets, and pins for Grandmothers. They also offer the ability to have their jewelry custom sized which allow you to sell the piece as truly custom made.

You may become an Azante Jewelry consultant by signing up online. It will cost you $99 which includes their business and training supply package. This package does not include any jewelry but you will get catalogs, display materials, invitations, order forms and their training manual. With this option you are not required to purchase any jewelry up front to begin selling.

If you want some Azante Jewelry on hand before you begin selling you can purchase one of their other start-up kits. For $299 you can get their “Best Sellers Kit” or there is their “Premiere Kit” for $599, each of them includes the business and training supply package and you have your choice of 10 pieces of Azante Jewelry. With either one of these kits the jewelry you choose will be given to you at a 50% discount.

Most Azante Jewelry consultants begin by hosting jewelry parties with their friends and families. During these jewelry parties you will earn a commission of 30%-40% on your sales. Commissions are paid each month by check. Once you have reached $2000 in sales you will be able to purchase your jewelry at a 50% discount. You must sell at least $600 worth of product every six months in order to remain in good standing with the company.

The company occasionally has promotions that can result in bonuses that usually include a choice of jewelry or additional commission percentages. They also offer incentives that include trips and cash. This company does not require you to recruit others to work for you like many other companies do. However if you are able to sponsor someone to become an Azante Jewelry consultant you will also a percentage of their monthly commissions.

Azante Jewelry offers support and training for their consultants. You may attend training sessions and they also send updates through newsletters and email communications. If you have other questions you may call them or contact your local sales group. The company does not require you to maintain inventory and there are no yearly dues or renewal fees.