Celtic Wedding Jewelry – Celtic Knots and Their Meanings

Deciding to tie the knot is an important and monumental step in a couple’s lives together. Promising to support and love someone can bring a lifetime of happiness and security for two people.

The phrase “tying the knot” comes from a Celtic ritual in which the bride and groom’s hands would be tied together with rope or the priest’s stole as a public declaration of a trial marriage. Today, in western culture, fidelity and love are proclaimed by the wearing of engagement rings and wedding bands.

To emphasize the power and fortitude of their love, many brides and grooms choose Celtic jewelry. Renowned for its tradition of elaborate and stunning designs, Celtic jewelry is the perfect choice for couples who wish to give a significant and specific meaning to their wedding rings. From the Claddagh Ring to the variety of knotwork, Celtic jewelry designs are a beautiful addition to any wedding ceremony.

Appearing in 450 AD, Celtic knots are an assortment of artistic and decorative knots that are traditionally endless, meaning that the lines interlace one another and do not have a clear beginning or end. The most common Celtic knots found in art and jewelry today can be traced to illuminated Christian manuscripts, such as the Book of Kells. Fifteen hundred years later, interlacing knotwork has become the essential trait of Celtic art. Today, many people regard Celtic knots as premier symbol of “the permanent continuum of life, love, and spiritual growth.”

While there are no written records defining Celtic knotwork, today, many knots are universally understood to portray specific meanings. If you and your fiancé(e) are considering Irish wedding rings for your marriage vows, here are explanations of some very popular Celtic knots and Neolithic symbols for your reference:

Eternity Knot – While this does not define a particular knot, an eternity knot is “any knot that has a closed path, with no beginning or end [and] may be symbolic of eternity or continuum.”

Lover’s Knot – Similarly to the eternity knot, this title does not depict a singular knot, but is rather a definition for any knot that connects what would otherwise be separate channels. Common lover’s knots used in Celtic jewelry are the Josephine Knot and Granny’s Knot.

Triquetra – Also known as the Celtic Trinity Knot, this knot consists of an individual line that wraps into and onto itself to create a three-lobed outline. Depending on the school of thought, this meaning can range from the Christian principle of the Holy Trinity, the Pagan depiction of the three feminine powers, and the transcendental union of mind, body, and spirit. These are all uniquely powerful meanings that can add special significance to your wedding jewelry.

Spirals – Spirals are some of the oldest representations in Neolithic art. The depiction of clockwise moving spirals signifies joyful blessings and good luck. This association with the movement of the sun across the sky represents harmony with the earth.

Triskele – This Neolithic design involves a triple spiral that often stands for “personal growth, human development, and spiritual expansion.” It is found on many prominent ancient structures, such as Newgrange in County Meath, Ireland.

Heart Knots – A fashionable and modern addition to the range of Celtic knots, heart knots are a further and vivid depiction of everlasting love, as they form the traditional heart shape with intertwining eternal knots.

Celtic jewelry is uniquely beautiful and holds great importance in declaring eternal love and commitment. Choosing Celtic wedding rings will add a special and cultural meaning to your ceremony. Have fun picking which traditional knots speak the most volume to your joyous union!

Wholesale Beaded Jewelry – Learn How To Get the Genuine Ones

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Simon G – The Making of a Jewelry Icon

“If you want jewelry that gets stared at, you can’t afford to overlook anything” -Simon G

Simon Ghanimian learned from his parents, as a young boy in Beirut, that if you could build something with your bare hands you would never go hungry. Add that to the values of honest, hard work that they taught and its easy to see how Simon G has become one of the premier jewelry designers and manufacturers in the world.

Simon G jewelry is currently sold in over 900 locations around the world and employs 60 designers and jewelers from around the world. A long journey from where he started in Los Angeles with his wife, Silvia. When Ghanimian first tried to register his business at City Hall the told him his name was too long, and Simon G was born.

When it comes to making fine jewelry the staff at Simon G live by a simple rule, when it comes to making beautiful jewelry, no detail is too small to be ignored.

It all starts with the first sketch, and then followed by dozens of revisions until the design is perfect. From there the design is made into a CAD model so that it can be viewed in 3D and any further refinements added. From drawing to reality, the jewelry design goes through a careful manufacturing process.

Simon alloys his own metals, working in platinum and gold this allows him to have total control of the metal and gives his pieces greater longevity and durability. This control allows him to make rings that are ideal for complicated bead work, filigree and engraving.

From casting the rings head to stone setting. While many jewelers specialize in setting diamonds and gems, Simon G takes this one step further and has his stone setter specialize in a specific style of setting. From micro-set pave, to channel setting and prong setting, each diamond setter is a specialist in his style.

Next come the finish details like beading, milgraining and engraving are all done by hand to make each piece unique with its own character and sharp detail. After all this is done a piece makes one last trip through quality control where it is inspected with a microscope to make sure that the ring you buy is a well made as it can be.

When asked about where he is now Simon says, “I still get my biggest thrill from creating a new piece. Sitting down and sketching out an idea is as magical to me now as it was the very first time I did it.”