Wholesale Beaded Jewelry – Learn How To Get the Genuine Ones

Chic and vibrant, sensuous and overtly expressive, beaded jewelries are one of the most coveted jewelries of the day. Chiseled into a wide assortment of shapes and designs these dainty finesses can accentuate every style from the ethnic to the modern haute couture. Beaded jewelries from sterling gold, silver and diamond beads to bright hued semi precious stones, crystals, ivory, pearl, wooden beads, clay beads, glass beads, metal beads and synthetic beads are making a thriving market nowadays. Following the current trend, reputed jewelry manufacturer, exporter and wholesaler are keeping beaded jewelries as one of the indispensable items of their collection. Available at wholesale rates these jewelries have influenced even the most astute of the retailers with their top graded quality, cutting edge designs and marvelous craftsmanship. Just spare some moments of your precious time and take a virtual tour to these dazzling array of beaded wholesale ornaments.

Manufactured by some premier jewelry stores in India the wholesale beaded jewelry is churned to flawless finishes the products guarantee authenticity and genuineness. The sophisticated fineries have also won several accolades from the international market. They are the outcome of the innovative talents and high technical skills of some brilliant jewelry designers and craftsmen in India. Beaded wholesale jewelry awe-strike with their incredible variety of colors, shapes and tapestries. There are galore of colorful necklaces and matching dangling earrings to make for bulk buys. There are beaded fashion jewelries and costume jewelries to accessorize stylish and unconventional outfits as well time-honored pieces to sport with traditional wears. The retailers can also find spectacular beaded neck straps and bracelets in a wide array of colors, designs and sizes. There are fascinating beaded hair accessories and jewelry sets for party wears. The glowing gorgeous beads with ostentatious inlays prepare for a dramatic look The multi hued beaded bangles made from several types of colored beads are dramatic enough to embellish the hands.

The retailers have now the liberty to make choices from miscellaneous beaded sets. The commercial and top quality beads will earn them good profit, as they will surely be able to attract all kind of customers from the old fashioned to the hip teens from these wholesale purchases. Moreover the price rates of the jewelries are considerably cheap in comparison to products from other online jewelry stores. All retailers are assured guaranteed and durable goods along with custom made services. The delivery and shipping of the products are carried out in time, without any delay. So if you have come up with some good choices from India Handicraft Store place bulk orders at wholesale rates unhesitatingly. Just request a quote specifying your quantity of the product. Make some good businesses as you move on. Here’s wishing you all the best.

Enhance Your Look With These Top 10 Pearl Jewelry Trends

Open any woman’s jewelry box and there you will discover at least one piece of fine pearl jewelry, and if not, then you know what to get her for your next gift-giving occasion. Why? Because the pearl has a long history as one of the most showcased gemstones used in fine jewelry, rivaling the diamond in popularity, and placing gifts of fine pearl jewelry at the top of fashionista wish lists world-wide.

The refined beauty of pearls makes its seamless transition from classic to modern designs, without losing any of its allure. This enables us to enjoy the sensuality of pearls in a wide array of jewelry styles, while creating timeless collections of fine pearl jewelry to pass down throughout our generations.

From ears to fingers, pearl jewelry adorns its wearer with an elegance that’s unparalleled. The list below features the top 10 pearl jewelry trends, illustrating the many ways in which pearls may be worn to accentuate a woman’s beauty.

  • Pearl Stud Earrings – these are simply the solitaire version of pearl earrings.
  • Pearl Drop Earrings– this type of pearl earring descends slightly from the ear, and may be accented by diamonds or other colored gemstones.
  • Pearl Dangle Earrings – the most dramatic of pearl earring styles, these feature single or multiple pearls finishing lengths of precious metal chains, gemstone embellished hoops, or other settings that swing freely from the earlobe.
  • Pearl Strand Necklaces – also know as classic pearl necklaces, strand necklaces can come in single or multiple rows of pearls that finish with a clasp.
  • Pearl Rope Necklaces – these continuous lengths of pearls have no clasp, and are meant to be slipped over the head and worn as a single dramatic strand that dips below the waist, doubled up, or wrapped in a necktie-inspired knot.
  • Pearl Lariat Necklaces – these types of pearl necklaces consist of one or more pearls that finish a long chain at both ends, and can be looped and worn around the neck to form layered strands or pendulous dangles of varying lengths.
  • Pearl Pendant Necklaces – just as name suggests, these pearl necklaces feature pearls in independent pieces of artistry, which hang from a variety of precious metal chains and neckwires, or silk, leather, or alternative types of cords.
  • Pearl Strand Bracelets – similar to the classic necklace style, pearl strand bracelets consist of single or multiple rows of pearls that meet at a common clasp, with some featuring “stretch” settings creating slip-on styles without clasps.
  • Pearl Cuff Bracelets – these pearl bracelets bring to mind the cuff of a finely-tailored shirt and are worn, most often, with short sleeved or sleeveless fashions.
  • Pearl Fashion Rings – from single pearls in stand-alone settings to multiple pearls accented with diamonds and colored gemstones, pearl rings are always a welcomed accessory at red-carpet premieres and special family occasions everywhere.

One trend that doesn’t appear on this list, but deserves an honorable mention is Journey pearl jewelry. Like its diamond counterpart, pearls in progressing sizes “travel” on a symbolic journey in precious metal settings of pendants and earrings. But no matter which pieces you choose, you can rest assured that today’s fine pearl jewelry styles will be the classics of tomorrow.

A Brief Review of 5 Top Jewelry Brands

Jewelry is a symbol of success and self-assurance, and the trademark of power and wealth. Used by kings and queens to indicate their status in society and their authority over the rest of us, it is also the attire of the rich and famous. Those more ordinary may access its aura and social reputation too, making it a medium of investment and a source of prestige. Fine jewelry brands have reliably produced pieces of outstanding craftsmanship and beauty, through their customary exceptional workmanship and artistic genius. Some of these brands are named below, together with a brief look at their histories and most remarkable achievements.


In the Swiss tradition of watchmakers and jewelers, Piaget has a reputation for high quality and characteristic designs. The brand has nearly 150 years of history and is renowned for the extremely thin construction of their timepieces. This technique of watchmaking, known as “ultra-thin movement”, is an example of the talent and standard of workmanship that is inherent in the pieces of this house. Their thinnest timepiece, the Calibre12P, measures less than 3mm. One of the leading jewelry brands, Piaget also manufactures outstanding jewelry, with the distinctive rose shape being included in many of their pieces.


As an island state, it is no surprise that legendary Japanese jewelry brand Mikimoto specializes in the use of pearls. Established in 1893, Kokichi Mikimoto is credited with developing the world’s first cultured pearls, although natural pearls from exotic locations are used too. The pearls are in a range of colors, combined skillfully with the precious metals to produce the effect of the sea’s power harnessed by human ingenuity. The brand also utilizes gemstones, and nothing else than 18 carat silver and gold.


Cartier is one of the premier jewelry brands in the world, with a long and illustrious past. The panther, resplendent in gemstones and precious metal, is Cartier’s trademark design. This house has provided pieces to official royalty, such as the Duchess of Windsor or Queen Victoria’s son Edward. The latter commissioned Cartier to supply the jewelry for his coronation. Other notable personas and superstars, such as Cornelius Vanderbilt, Barbra Streisand and Elizabeth Taylor, have also worn pieces by this brand. Cartier therefore is associated with power and fame, as part of its lengthy and star-studded history as a jeweler and watchmaker.

Harry Winston

This brand was started in 1932 by its namesake, who is also nicknamed the King of Diamonds. Based in New York City, Harry Winston is an international operation that produces fine jewelry and excellent timepieces. Presently a member of the Swatch Group, the brand has developed a niche specialty in its estate jewelry, or pieces which have a history of past ownership and are treasured as antique. The superior workmanship and interesting story of each piece add to their value and their charm. Respect for the mores of society and the innate human sentiment that attaches to valuable gems is shown by Mr Winston’s donation of the Hope Diamond to the Smithsonian Institute in 1958, making it available to everyone to admire and be inspired by.


Gucci is internationally synonymous with luxury, expensive accessories and the epitome of upmarket society generally. Founded by Guccio Gucci in 1921, the name is famous for its handbags and apparel. However, there is also Gucci jewelry, for both sexes. The Horsebit configuration is Gucci’s unique design signature.

The brand recently made the news when it was worn by none other than the feisty singer Lady Gaga, and its fame is evidenced by its mention in popular media and its use by superstars and other public figures. It has come to be regarded as a telltale sign of opulence and ostentation.

These brands are all internationally famous and have long track records of providing the finest jewelry to the most upmarket and discerning customers. As rare as gemstones are, and as expensive as precious metals have proven to be, the skill and creativity that is incorporated into the work of these jewelry houses enhances the value of each piece and turns it into something that is far more treasured than the stones and metal themselves. As the epitome of human aptitude, social endeavor and creative ability, these jewelry brands represent some of humanity’s finest achievements, not only as works of art but as statements of authority and economic success in society.

Jewelry Through the Years

Jewelry has, in many shapes and forms, been around since the Stone Age. In the ancient cave paintings, items are clearly seen around necks and wrists. These will have been symbolic and not decorative, but they are there nonetheless.

The ancient Egyptians in 3000 BC first created Jewelry as we know it. When Howard Carter and his team first discovered Tutankhamen`s tomb in 1922, the array of gold jewelry that they found was priceless. Pendants, bracelets, rings, armlets, diadems, earrings, head ornaments and collars of pure gold where all found in the land of the Pharaohs.

By the time of the ancient Greeks in 1400 BC, the art of jewelry making had come on an awful long way. The heavy chunkiness that the Egyptians were so fond of had been replaced by very delicate earring and necklaces. Beads shaped into flowers, beetles and shells were manufactured on a large scale. The delicacy of the work is nothing less than miraculous considering the primitive tools they had at their disposal. By 300 BC the Greeks were making multi colored jewelry and using precious stones such as garnets, pearls, amethysts and emeralds.

Jewelry continued to evolve over the centuries and by the 17th Century fake pearls and paste earrings were making an appearance. A lady permanently wore earrings, so the fakes were worn through the day and the diamonds etc were brought in the evening, along with brooches which were worn down the from of the body in descending sizes.

In the earlier part of the 20th century designers such as Coco Chanel were influencing the quality glass jewelry being massed produced by Lalique. Costume jewelry was given the grand title of cocktail jewelry. They encouraged wearers to mix and match between their fakes and their genuine jewelry.

After a lull during World War II due to the rationing of the metal, jewelry production came back big style. The glamorous movie stars of the 40`s and 50`s dazzled everyone with their sparkling gems. The old newsreel films show them at premieres and parties dripping with gold and diamonds. The Oscars ceremony has always been the big event of the year, and the jewelry that the stars wear is as talked about as their hair and clothes.

The jewelry that we wear today has come a long way, but the basic elements are still there. The greatest leap has been in the jewelry specially designed for men. Gone are the days when the only jewelry a man would wear was his wedding or signet ring. They now go out adorned with necklaces, bracelets earrings and various other sparkling accessories.

Costume jewelry for men is heavily influenced by sport. Necklaces made of a leather string are popular with the surfing fraternity, and have found their way into popular culture. They will have something like an imitation sharks tooth attached as a pendant. Likewise, you see young men everywhere wearing leather bracelets.

Whether genuine or fake, jewelry is a big part of our lives. Whenever we get ready for a night out, we know that a necklace or earrings will be the finishing touch to our outfit.