Traditional Jewelry Designs Made to Last Forever

Because of their symbolism of eternity, love and fidelity, diamonds are the most popular gemstone choice in jewelry design, particularly for engagement rings, wedding rings and wedding anniversaries. This mineral, comprising of only one element is very costly and its’ acquisition represents a major investment of time and money. Because of the expense, consumers are prompted to carefully choose gemologists who only use diamonds that have met approved certification criteria as set forth by systems such as The Kimberly Process.

With a forward thinking mentality when it comes to designing jewelry and using the latest technology available to extenuate their skills as master goldsmiths some craftsmen are in a league of their own. What results is exquisite pieces of custom made jewelry that have clients lining up to get their own pieces of innovation.

In the production of custom jewelry, intricate workmanship and detailed quality are observed by a few craftsmen doing premier work in custom, estate and designer jewelry.

Glittering varieties of diamond jewelry are also made by diamond jewelry craftsmen to personalize and customize pieces for the buyer. These expert craftsmen are traditional designers that enrich designer fine jewelry with family secrets that have been handed down from generation to generation.

They have been blending age old antiquities with modern art in the creation of diamond, gold and platinum jewelry customized for the purchasers. A few also specialize in appraisals and estate liquidation.

Designer fine jewelry, made by fine jewelry designers and custom jewelry designers reflect exceptional artistry. They are masters in their own field and can create a fantastic work of art that is custom designed for the buyer. Most are made exquisitely with the combination of old world craftsmanship and modern ones. Because of their exceptional expertise, these craftsmen are able to design spectacular pieces of jewelry that are handed down for generations.

Intricately designed Mezuzahs are being hand crafted in some exclusive shops in sterling silver with bronze and/or gold details.

A Review of the Premier Designs, Inc Income Opportunity

Premier Designs, Inc. is a company that offers high end fashion jewelry, with a catalog of over 730 jewelry items. With both modern, antique, and contemporary looks, the company’s product offerings is fairly extensive. The company also offers the opportunity for individuals to run a home business as a Premier Designs Jeweler. As a Jeweler, you are a sales consultant and an independent distributor.

There are a few ways to earn money with the company. First, you earn a 50% sales commission on all personal sales. Then, you earn a 10% commission on the sales made by Jewelers that you sponsor and train. Sponsoring other sales agents simply means that you have recruited them and have helped them become trained Premier Designs Jewelers. In addition, you can earn a 10% commission on sales made by the first three levels in your downline.

Premier Designs does not expect you to keep an inventory or tie up inventory dollars. The company’s preferred method of sales is through Home Shows, which you book through your friends, family members, and others. The host or hostess of the party books a show and invites the people they know to the show. You, as the independent distributor, will sell fashion jewelry to the guests of the show.

To entice your friends and others to host a show, you introduce them to the benefits of hosting a show. The hostess receives anywhere from four to eight items at half off, and get free jewelry. The amount of free jewelry that the hostess may earn depends on the sales total from the show. The general formula is $30 in merchandise credit per $100 sold.

As an independent distributor, you earnings increase with every person you recruit into the Premier Designs sales opportunity. At every party, you will introduce the concept to all the guests of the show, as well as the hostess, in hopes of signing them up as Jewelers. You will then invite interested parties to speak with you after the show so that you can give them more information on the opportunity.

Premier Designs does not require you to meet sales quotas or show minimums in order to remain active with the company. You also do not need any formal training or sales experience. Although you are working for the company, you are essentially working for yourself. You have the freedom of setting your own hours and taking the opportunity to part-time or full-time levels.

Premier Designs offers training for new independent distributors in the form of literature, audio files, and video. As well, they have a customer service hotline just for Jewelers so that your questions can be answered right away. To learn more about this opportunity or to sign up as a distributor, visit the company’s website at

The Latest News, Trends and Styles in the World of Jewelry

Find out what’s going on in the world of jewelry, from the latest trends on the runway, to the hottest Hollywood styles and the most interesting jewelry news bytes.

Valentine’s Day “okay” for jewelers. The Valentine’s Day jewelry season was reportedly “okay” for many jewelry stores, who reported average, but not terrible sales. Popular sale items included reasonably priced beads, as well as silver, diamond engagement rings and studs. A few stores reported record sales. The owner of Woodard’s Diamond Showroom in Tullahoma, Tennessee claimed the five days leading up to Valentine’s Day were probably the best sales days ever for them. And pre-Valentine’s Day sales were also “significantly up” at Occasions Fine Jewelry in Midland, Texas.

MJSA announces 2012 New York Expo dates. MJSA, the U.S. trade association dedicated to professional excellence in jewelry making and design, has announced three days of seminars at its annual “MJSA Expo New York” trade show. The expo will run from March 11-13 at the Hilton New York in New York City. The winners of the MJSA Thinking Ahead Awards, which recognize products that are making a difference in the way jewelry is made and sold, will be honored at a special ceremony during the seminars.

Cuffs with diamonds are Hollywood actors’ best friend. Carla Gugino of the TV show Californication wore Brumani’s “Looping Shine” bracelet to the Los Angeles premiere of the American Horror Story. The white and rose gold bracelet with diamonds and champagne topaz is worth $13,805. Also seen in diamond cuffs: Actress Sarah Wayne Callies of The Walking Dead in Hellmuth’s Gold Croco pattern cuff with cubic zirconia worth $3,448 to the TV show’s Los Angeles premiere of The Walking Dead.

There’s diamonds in them thar park! A couple scavenging at the Crater of Diamonds State Park in Murfreesboro, Arkansas recently found a diamond worth $21,000! The Crater of Diamonds is the only park in the world that lets the general public look for diamonds. The park has been the site of more than 30,000 diamond finds. (Book your flight now!)

Don’t drop your (diamond-covered) iPhone. How’s this for a fashion phone accessory? London jewelry designer Stuart Hughes has introduced his latest incarnation of diamond-covered cell phones: the Apple iPhone 4S. The phone’s exterior body boasts more than 500 diamonds, totaling more than 100 carats. The phone also includes two diamonds which fit over the home button. One is a single cut 7.4-carat pink diamond; the other a rare 8-carat single cut flawless diamond. The back of the phone is rose gold-plated, and the Apple logo glitters with 53 diamonds. The phone comes in its own special granite box. The price tag for the Hughes’ Apple iPhone 4S? (If you have to ask… ) Almost $9.5 million US dollars!

All About Wedding – Jewelry for the Bride

Wedding day is a special day in the bride and the groom’s life. That is why you have to make a good preparation for this moment. Jewelry is one of the important things that should be worn by the bride. The engagement and wedding rings are the premier pieces of it. These stuffs should reflect you and your lifestyle as they will be worn forever.

The other jewelries that you wear for the special day should hold up your total look. This is including your dress, hair and your surroundings. You have to consider about the budget as the preparation for this might cost much money. You do not need to force yourself buying diamonds if your budget is small. Just find a simple thing but have a special style and design at the department stores.

Sometimes, before picking up the jewelry, you have to consider about the gown that you wear. Wedding gown and veil can determine the wedding jewelry that you should wear. You have to combine them properly.

As there are many types of neckline such as strapless, portrait, halter, cap sleeves, beaded straps, you cannot just put one of them on your neck if you decide to wear a white traditional gown. Additionally, you have to consider about the color and the neck shape of your gown before deciding to wear necklace jewelry.

Mostly, the bride who wears a veil can only match with stud earrings. You have to change your style by deciding to try other jewelries that can make you more beautifully. In this case, you may ask the expert one or other person who knows much about stylish and fashion.

Another major consideration that has to be decided when you want to choose the jewelry is your hair. If you want to make it down, you should wear something that is different with the one that you will use if you make your hair up-swept.