Hair Jewelry, the New Fashion Accessory

Hair jewelry is a fashion trend on the rise. We have not only seen this on the red carpet, but also in premier bridal magazines.

Hair jewelry in the form of hairpins, hair combs, headbands and hair sticks are embellished with rhinestones, crystals and/or pearls for an elegant sparkle that can dress up any outfit, on any occasion. Flowers and feathers are becoming quite popular as wedding day hair accessories also. Brides and the bridal party can add sparkle to their ensemble that doesn’t stop at the necklace or earrings. Beautiful hair jewelry isn’t just for the wedding. Special occasions such as prom, quinceanera, pageants, homecoming, sweet sixteen, and parties are all celebrations worthy of the addition of elegant hair jewelry and accessories.

Whatever the theme of your special event, crystal hair combs or rhinestone headbands are an elegant accessory for long hairstyles. If you are wearing an upswept hairstyle, consider adding a rhinestone, pearl, or feather hair comb, at the side or back of the head to achieve sparkle from all angles.

You can turn an everyday ponytail into a glamorous fashion statement, for work or party, with the simple addition of a rhinestone barrette. It will give you a put together look without a lot of time or effort. Hair combs adorned with crystal, pearls or flowers are a sophisticated hair accessory for the updo and can act as a frame for the hairstyle. Hair combs come in many lengths and widths, so finding the right one for your look won’t be a challenge.

Probably the most popular trend in hair design is decorated hairpins or hair sticks. These accessories are either single stone or clusters of stones attached to the end of a hairpin or hair stick. As these are usually small, many can be sprinkled throughout the hair for a sparkling understated look. They are beautiful when used under a wedding veil for an element of surprise.

Hair pins and hair sticks are an excellent accessory for prom, party or special occasion when you want extra flair. For the bride, hair jewelry may be used in addition to a tiara or headpiece for sparkle from all angles and extra pizzazz in your photos. Don’t forget the bridal party; they can coordinate with the bride by wearing similar hair jewelry, less the tiara and veil.

These are fun ideas, but don’t let trends dictate your wedding or party fashion. Be true to yourself and allow your jewelry and accessories to make a statement about you!

Creating a Jewelry Website Inexpensively and Easily

Building a new website to display and sell your unique jewelry doesn’t have to be a frightening or expensive experience. In fact, you can create a fully functioning e-commerce site for less than a few hundred dollars, and you don’t have to be a programming genius. In fact, you don’t even have to know basic html code or any other computer programming language.

However, you do need a good web design program. If you are new to building a website make sure you find a program that is WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get). A few different companies have similar programs available for around $50. If you don’t have the time or inclination to learn computer language then you will want a program that converts what you design or type on a page into html code. Basically, you design how you would like things to look on your web pages and then the program converts your web pages into code before uploading them to your web host.

A reliable web host is very important. Today, it seems like everyone has a web hosting service, but not all web hosts are the same, so take a little time to do some research. A couple of key features to look for are uptime and customer service. The last thing you want to have is a website that can’t be viewed because your host is down. Secondly, if a problem does occur, you want to be able to have someone readily available to help you. Most web design programs will have a “suggested” or “preferred” provider and while you are not obligated to use them, some features of their program may work much easier with their “preferred” provider. When you decide upon a web host, you will also need to think of a domain name for your site. Once again, take a little time to think of a creative name that is easy to remember. It may mean the difference between a visitor and someone that wants to visit your site but can’t remember your name.

Next, it you don’t have a digital camera, you will probably want to get one. This will be your biggest expense, but a digital camera makes it so much easier to load pictures to your website. Digital cameras have improved so much that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to be able to take good quality pictures. Also, keep in mind, your digital camera can be used for many other photo opportunities as well as taking great photographs of your handcrafted jewelry.

Finally, you can utilize PayPal for e-commerce and free shopping cart technology. They will charge a small percentage on each sale, but if you have a premier or business account no other charges will be incurred. I am sure other options are available, but I am most familiar and comfortable with PayPal. I hope this helps you with the basics of starting a jewelry website. I think you will find it can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience for your hobby or business. Good luck to you.

Know the Trends of Fashion Jewelry in Order to Sell Them Effectively!

You must have encountered several coffee table books featuring gorgeous jewelries coming from prominent jewelry design houses. But because of the crisis that the global economy is facing today, premier jewelry designers opt to create jewelry pieces that are not so dramatic, since the prices of gold and diamond are already sky high.

Although consumers always prefer dramatic and gargantuan jewelry, the present state of the economy dictates that in order to make these pieces accessible to the general public, one must reduce its size. Because of this, wholesale of fashion jewelry becomes the trend, with designs such as those that were once made only by leading jewelry designers.

It definitely looks like we are already entering the age of fashion jewelry wholesale, although it appears that this entrance is caused by an accident and not a carefully laid-out plan. Because of the economy, even leading jewelry designers find it hard to sell their gold and diamond pieces because of its unreachable prices. As a result, these design houses manufacture minimally. Wholesale jewelry, on the other hand, is thriving, even if they make use of faux pearls and crystals.

Perhaps what is happening to the fashion jewelry industry nowadays is reminiscent of the late 80s to early 90s period, in which sculptured copper and bronze bracelets with intricate leaf work and beautifully encrusted crystals were the trend. One could definitely say that it was the age of high fashion – the time of pear-shaped peals earrings adorned with sparkling Australian crystals, leopard and black epoxy rings with dramatic crystals, and thick chokers with jet crystals and faux pearls.

Certainly, these dramatic jewelry pieces are missed a lot. With our current economic situation, those people in the wholesale fashion jewelry industry must rethink about the succeeding trends in this area. Right now, what’s in are the classic jewelry making use of gemstones and Murano style glass. Even during the winter, people continue wearing freshwater pearls. Although classic jewelry styles dominate the scene, people are always on the lookout for the next fashion jewelry trend. The most likely candidate for this trend is the eco-green.

But then, there came the costs and the consumer dollars, and consumers nowadays want something else with regard to designer jewelry. People wanted to go back to what was the trend two decades ago, and that was wholesale fashion jewelry. Eco-green then seemed to pale in comparison with the wholesale jewelry design two decades ago. Although premier jewelry design houses cannot give these jewelry pieces at an affordable price, fortunately, fashion jewelry can do just that.

Now, the past of fashion jewelry is paving way to its future. People are now looking back to the magnificent jewels in the 40s and 50s, in which bracelets, brooches, and sparkly necklaces were the trends. The golden era of jewelry is now being looked back on, as people remember the pieces made by Juliana, Coro, Dior, Trifari, and Eisenberg, which are now considered to be highly valuable.

Changes in trends are constant, and fashion must be able to captivate the people in order to cause a major trend. It seems to be that classic jewelry is making its way back to the surface, as people are more inclined to go back to gemstone jewelry and Murano style glass. The beauty of fashion jewelry renews the age of glamor, making every wearer of a jewelry piece feel like royalty. It uplifts the spirit of the wearer. An we then say that the next trend will be fashion jewelry’s golden era? Only the future can tell.