Premier Design Jewelry – A Company Review

Premier Design Jewelry was ‘designed’ and created in 1985 by Joan and Andy Homer in Irving, Texas. The company was created to serve ministries throughout the world and to change the financial future of those that seek a faith based approach to working for themselves. So how does this plan work, and how does it work for you?

Premier Design Jewelry carries in stock over 700+ varieties and styles of jewelry for just about any taste. The potential income from PDJ could be found easier than you might think. Who does not like to give their wife, girlfriend, or significant other a little something on the occasion? That is right, nobody. So the potential is huge, especially when you consider the compensation plan.

The best part of this compensation plan is the 50% direct sales commission available for many items. Along with this comes up to 50% off on the pieces you choose for your next party and for yourself. The more I looked into this program, the more I wished my wife was not so shy about hosting jewelry shows, it could have saved me on the Christmas present this year.

Of course that was the downfall for her and many others. Network marketing is the name of the game. You will need to hunt out friends and family, trying to convince them into letting you host a show. This fact could create a bump in your road to success with PDJ. If you are comfortable however with visiting complete strangers in their homes, marketing online could help you immensely. You would probably begin with local ads on Craigslist and any social networks you might be apart of.

The Lure Of Chocolate Diamond Jewelry

Diamonds have been sought after for years and they likely will be well into the future. Not only are they loved for their radiant beauty but for their strength and timelessness. But now there are some other gems creating competition with this traditional sparkling beauty. They are gems of the same family, only they are a slight variation. They are known as colored diamonds or fancy color diamonds.

How These Colored Diamonds Are Created

These colored diamonds are actually formed with color, compliments of mother nature. Specific conditions that exist, for example the presence of radiation and specific elements, can create color in a diamond as it forms. Different elements and conditions create different colors, some much more rare than others.

Brown diamonds, often more enticingly called chocolate diamonds, are one of the more common colors that are produced naturally. While this makes them less rare it also makes them more affordable. If you are looking to buy a blue diamond be prepared to spend several thousand dollars depending on the quality of the diamond (cut, clarity, color and carat). On the other hand you can find chocolate diamond jewelry for under a thousand dollars, sometimes well under. Once again it depends largely on the size and quality of the chocolate diamond you are buying and some pieces can run a lot more but compared to other natural colored diamond jewelry this will look like a bargain.

However not all chocolate diamonds are natural. Some are man made and some are color enhanced to make lower color diamonds a more desirable color. But even in the world of man made or cultured diamonds brown is a color that is a little easier to produce so once again this makes them more affordable.

Their Rise In Popularity

Whether they are natural or cultured these brown colored gems are definitely stunning. I’ve even seen women who aren’t very interested in jewelry taken in by these earth toned beauties. Something about the earth tones mixed with that sparkle, for which the diamond is famous, really makes these brown diamonds seem special and distinct. Many celebrities have appreciated this also as they have been seen on high-profile stars on the red carpet.

With their tantalizing names like champagne, cognac and chocolate diamonds and their increased visibility as they are seen on stars at premiers and on the red carpet these beautiful gems are rising in popularity. Of course it helps that they are affordable enough for the average person to buy. But beyond all that they also have a classic beauty that works well with a variety of skin tones, hair colors and clothing colors and styles.

Wholesale Jewelry Dropshipping – Rake Huge Profits From Dropshipping of Wholesale Jewelry

When you decide to start a new business it can be a daunting prospect deciding on the product or service that you are going to offer to the general public. One highly successful business model involves the wholesale jewelry market. This is an area that can provide a high level of return and allows you to maximize your profits.

Jewelry is something that appeals to many people across their lifetime and because of this it is a market with unlimited potential. It does not rely on fashion or fads that can fade away and leave you with no business prospects when trends change. Occasional jewelry for special events is very popular and you may have experienced yourself needing jewelry items for weddings and other celebratory events.

The varied reasons people buy jewelry will affect the products required. Sometimes it is a forever piece in a good quality metal while at other times they may need a piece to wear once and can look at other options. As a wholesale jeweler it is vital that you understand the differing needs of the consumer and what you need to stock in order to become successful. You will need to reach a wide section of the market and to do so involves providing a wide range of jewelry choices.

Having to access a wide range of stock can be an issue for many start-up business owners and because of this looking into drop shipping is a great alternative. It avoids the need to have a high level of capital available and you do not need to make payment on items until they have been sold, allowing you to only spend what is absolutely necessary. This method will increase the gains you have in your business as you will have little requirement to have the stock on-site. It can easily lead you from being a new business owner to a successful wholesale jeweler in as little time as possible.

Drop shipping is a great way to get started and allows you to raise your capital and move into traditional purchasing. If you manage to secure a partnership with a good quality supplier you might find that you never have to move beyond this method of sourcing product and can retain the maximum profits from your turnover. A popular choice for stock is costume jewelry, as it is incredibly popular as it delivers big results with a lower cost. In these economic times consumers are looking for the best choice available at the lowest cost and costume jewelry has remained the premier source of great looking jewels at affordable prices. This is an immediate market for your business that you can access in next to no time at all.

The best way to market your business is to offer items that are popular to start. With a low-cost website of your own you can create a store to sell and then market your image in a new way to get your name into the marketplace. One of the best ways to draw customers into your business is to offer incentive strategies in your marketing plan like vouchers or added inclusions with purchase.