All About Mexican Jewelry

US is among the biggest importer of the Mexican Jewelry. Due to the elimination of all tariffs by NAFTA, US traders have embarked on an ambitious plan to benefit from Mexico, the third largest producer of the costumer Jewelry.


The use of color is evident in the Mexican Jewelry which itself is characterized by the passionate craftsmanship of its artisans. The Mexican silver jewelry ranges from $50 to almost $5000 depending on the individual pieces. You will also find a lot of metalwork with inscribed religious themes and items for decorative body art.


Mexico is rich in mineral deposits of silver. In fact the modern resort town of Puerto Vallarta originated as the premier silver trading port. These pieces high light the importance of culture and religion on the Mexican mindset. In Mexico, artists colonies between 1930’s to 1950’s produced great silver designs. Margot de Texaco and William Spartling became the ultimate household name in the Jewelry business in 1970’s and still demands the highest accords. Get a professional advice as even the marker Jewelry can easily be forged. Many of the pieces are mistaken for silver when it is actually crafted from a bright durable material, Alpaca.

Tips for Shopping

Experts recommend that shoppers check the weight of the silver and examine any splits. The best indication of any restoration is the back side which will be affected from constant hammering. Look for the number marks inside the necklace or ring. These are signs of a high quality craftsmanship. Many of the silver Jewelry parts originate for Texaco which has been the keeper of silver art for over hundred years. Look for minute imprints of Texaco, which may require a magnifying glass. Be wary when shopping for major brand like William Spartling that has most fakes.

Feather Jewelry – A Canadian Treasure

Amidst the fast pace back drop of New York, London, Paris and the Orients, Canadian Jewellery is considered to be the quite child yet to make a splash in the world of trend setting fashion and design. When considering the nature of the two it is easy to see why. Cutting edge contemporary fashion brings to the imagination ideas of trendy marketing campaigns, global production launches and a fancy European name no one can pronounce, indeed this has proven to be the vehicle many have used to arrive on the world scene.

In comparison a quiet trend has been on the move from Canada that is proving to transcend time, fads and trends, wholly or in part this is owed to her partner in business Mother Earth. Family run this business has put forth four strong siblings in the market place, West Coast Jewelry, Earth Jewelry, Hippie Jewelry and Canadian Jewellery.

Canadian Jewellery can find its way back to the first native people who used mother natures storehouse to adorn themselves with such articles as feather earrings, bone necklaces, Peacock feather hair accessories, stone amulets and a wealth of other items. Some would argue that a modern lady dressed up and decked out in Gucci, Lauren, and Klein’s best could not compare if stood next to the likes of Sacajawea, Lewis & Clark’s native guide, for sheer natural beauty and simplicity. The one having white skin and red cheeks, eighteen inch platform boots, purple stripped stalkings, cellophane dress and sci-fi hair, the other with beautifully tanned skin, feather earrings and peacock feather hair extensions swaying in the breeze and a simple hide dress that is light and comfortable to move in. It is this type of raw nature that woman of today are starting to have a deeper connection with.

Thus Canadian Jewellery is more than just precious gems set in gold it is the abundance of earths natural resources used in their simplest and purest forms to add a delicate innocence to any lady. Many small companies are arising specializing in the creation of Canadian Jewellery that brings new and refreshing style fashion to the industry along with some old favorites. Good Earth Feather Jewelry Co. is one of the West Coasts’ premier boutiques for simple natural and elegant Canadian Jewellery.

Premier Designs High Fashion Jewelry

Jewelry is a highly personal thing and is definitely subject to individual tastes, but it is also true that with Premier Designs high fashion jewelry, there has got to be something for everyone. With an emphasis on quality, style and value, it is no surprise that the offerings from Premier Designs are supported by women everywhere. Premier Designs high fashion jewelry always strives to give women the opportunity to have the perfect look for every occasion.

The first thing that really helps Premier Designs stand out is the variety of designs that are available. At any point in time, over 700 pieces are available, which provides more than enough choices for even the pickiest jewelry buyers. Better yet, most of the Premier Designs high fashion jewelry available is very affordable, which encourages women to experiment with different looks or styles that they may not otherwise give a chance.

Anytime you buy jewelry, quality is of the utmost importance. Nobody wants to feel “ripped off” after paying perfectly good money for a product that simply does not meet expectations. Luckily, Premier Designs has a “Golden Guarantee” which assures customers that they will be able to return items that prove to be defective.

Of course, with jewelry companies like Premier Designs, which utilize independent representatives and home showings to help people discover their products, there is a certain advantage for buyers. After all, you will get to look at, touch, feel and try on any of the pieces you are interested in, which gives you a level of insight into whether it is suitable for you that is hard to get otherwise. This also speaks to the quality of the items themselves, since buyers certainly wouldn’t purchase items of shoddy quality that they have seen in person!

Whether you decide to buy Premier Designs high fashion jewelry or not, what is really important is to always buy high quality jewelry from a seller that you can trust. No one wants to waste their money on items that do not look the way they should, are cheaply made or don’t last, after all.