A Review of the Premier Designs, Inc Income Opportunity

Premier Designs, Inc. is a company that offers high end fashion jewelry, with a catalog of over 730 jewelry items. With both modern, antique, and contemporary looks, the company’s product offerings is fairly extensive. The company also offers the opportunity for individuals to run a home business as a Premier Designs Jeweler. As a Jeweler, you are a sales consultant and an independent distributor.

There are a few ways to earn money with the company. First, you earn a 50% sales commission on all personal sales. Then, you earn a 10% commission on the sales made by Jewelers that you sponsor and train. Sponsoring other sales agents simply means that you have recruited them and have helped them become trained Premier Designs Jewelers. In addition, you can earn a 10% commission on sales made by the first three levels in your downline.

Premier Designs does not expect you to keep an inventory or tie up inventory dollars. The company’s preferred method of sales is through Home Shows, which you book through your friends, family members, and others. The host or hostess of the party books a show and invites the people they know to the show. You, as the independent distributor, will sell fashion jewelry to the guests of the show.

To entice your friends and others to host a show, you introduce them to the benefits of hosting a show. The hostess receives anywhere from four to eight items at half off, and get free jewelry. The amount of free jewelry that the hostess may earn depends on the sales total from the show. The general formula is $30 in merchandise credit per $100 sold.

As an independent distributor, you earnings increase with every person you recruit into the Premier Designs sales opportunity. At every party, you will introduce the concept to all the guests of the show, as well as the hostess, in hopes of signing them up as Jewelers. You will then invite interested parties to speak with you after the show so that you can give them more information on the opportunity.

Premier Designs does not require you to meet sales quotas or show minimums in order to remain active with the company. You also do not need any formal training or sales experience. Although you are working for the company, you are essentially working for yourself. You have the freedom of setting your own hours and taking the opportunity to part-time or full-time levels.

Premier Designs offers training for new independent distributors in the form of literature, audio files, and video. As well, they have a customer service hotline just for Jewelers so that your questions can be answered right away. To learn more about this opportunity or to sign up as a distributor, visit the company’s website at premierdesigns.com.