A Close Look at the Premier Designs MLM Opportunity

Back in 1985, Premier Designs developed its own jewelry sales company. In fact, when you visit their product page you will see that there are around 700 different pieces available. According to their site, the average retail price is around $34. In order to get the full effect we recommend watching the video on this page that can be found in the bottom right hand corner of the information.

Probably one of the most interesting parts to the Premier Designs setup is the benefits a hostess receives. When there is $100 worth of sales, the individual hosting the party gets $30 free in jewelry, and the opportunity to purchase 4 more pieces at 50% off. This means if you sell $200 worth of jewelry, you get $60 for free. However, the most half-price pieces you can receive are eight.

There is a lot of information that revolves around the “Hostess Plan.” We recommend taking the time to read over all the information in this area. We saw that there are four different ways to earn an additional $25 on top of what you already make. Another important area to look into is the “Marketing Plan.” It’s an in depth look at how you can grow your business and make Premier Designs your main source of income.

For instance; being able to earn a 50% commission off of everything you sell at the regular price is just the beginning. When you collect the money from individuals at the party, it’s nice to know you get your commissions that evening. Granted, you have to pay Premier Designs for the jewelry and the shipping/handling costs, but your profits will always be left over.

Another side to the Premier Designs business is being able to sponsor other jewelers. One thing to understand is when you have friends or family members host parties, chances are they might be interested in getting involved as a jeweler. If you look at the information revolving around this area, you will see that everyone beneath you will offer 10% on to your other earnings. So if you have 10 people under you then you receive 10% of their sales.

There are many other benefits to the Premier Designs company, but definitely not enough room to explain it all here. Your best bet is to take a few moments and read over all the information they have available. If you love jewelry and can see yourself prospering from this MLM opportunity, it could create a new chapter in your life. Who knows, you might find that many of your friends, family, and co-workers will be interested in doing something like this as well.